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Many people wonder what they are bonuses in the casino, and why online casinos offer it. The answer is simple. Using the free money, online casinos encourage new, but also old players to register or stay at the casino. In most cases, you should make a deposit to get the bonus, but its value is very attractive. Benefit from bonuses is very important. With the funds received in many games you play virtually for free. Earned money entirely belong to you, even if you win using them received bonuses. There are many types of bonuses in the online casino. Before making a deposit it is important to understand their actions. Below is a list with a description of the most popular promotions at the casino. Bonus Supplementary Bonus complementary online casino is also called "welcome bonus" because it is the first bonus that you get from an online casino. Usually it is the largest and most interesting offer.

This is called a supplemental bonus since received additional funds are in addition to your payment taking into account certain criteria. Lighter terms, the most popular offer a bonus of 100%. This means that you get twice as much money than they deposited. Most casinos set an upper limit of the bonus, but usually counted in the thousands. For example, if you deposit $ 1000 you get an extra $ 1000 for free. But mostly it's much more!

Bonus reload bonus recharge means free money received after your additional payments. This can be done in various ways. Some casinos offer a certain sum for the second, third, fourth and even fifth payment. It typically ranges from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. The best online casino can offer to the supplementary bonus. This means that you can multiply your money as many times as you want. Up to 100% supplementary offer is not uncommon. Of course, this bonus will not be as attractive as the offer welcome. But what is important, I can adjust the amount of free money that you receive.

So, if you're a real gambler, you can once again free to earn a few thousand. Bonus Reference Bonus reference is, simply speaking, no deposit bonus. This means that to get free money, you do not have to pay anything. Just that you'll find your friends, to be joined and paid the fee. The average value of free money ranges from $ 25 to $ 50. So, as you can see, if you invite a lot of friends, you can earn a lot of cash. If only you have the opportunity, I always use this offer. A special deposit bonus online casinos offer various options to deposit and withdraw money, m. Al. using credit cards, Pay Pal, by bank transfer and many others. Some of them charge very high fees, and therefore are not too favorable for the casino. In this situation, the casino proposes additional funding for the use of the recommended form of payment. You can receive up to 10% -15% more money. But always carefully read the relevant promotion on your account before you decide to deposit.

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