Live Casino Dealers

Play our games live through Casinoseum Casino offers the nearest and most authentic experience of a real casino without leaving home. Chat with our professional dealers, in real time, and enjoy the atmosphere with beautiful croupiers spinning the roulette wheel. When you play our Live Dealer Casino at, you'll feel great - nothing else comes close to the real action.

A player can call an option in hand ahead of time, allowing each party becomes faster and more dynamic. How does it work? In Blackjack, the boxes are numbered from 1-7 and, usually, players can only choose option one by one. With our system all players click on the option you want at the same time. When the dealer draws this box, you can already see the choice without waiting for the decisions of individual players for an extra 30 seconds option. This means more games every hour, more excitement for players and increased revenues and profits for partners.

There is also the possibility of promoting Skill Card. This is done by adding one of the bonus cards (5, 10, 25, 50, 100) directly in the "shoe" card. If the card is removed to a particular player wins the amount written on the card. This promotion can take place in the dedicated tables, at the request of one of our partners. Or it can be offered in a generic table, provided that all the partners have agreed to participate. All of our live Blackjack games are shown in HD quality and players can see key information the last 10 games.

Betting player and banker pairs are included, as well as the bonus bets. The bonus sum gain and increases participation bonus draws the player and also leads to a return game. The Live Baccarat Bet Construct includes 5 main route maps with detailed explanation offered to help the player understand and also to encourage greater participation. Our Live Dealer Baccarat is always a real-time transmission of HD. The game is fast, simple and much interest and commitment of the player. Our partners can set their own gaming limits and can set different table limits at the same table. High profile, prestigious and highly attractive to high rollers - Live Baccarat Bet Construct brings a touch of class and promise of profitability any online gambling business.

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