Match Bonus

Bonuses do not require a deposit additional money that you put in plants that do not require a deposit. The player is not bound to any financial contribution, so it is an opportunity for fun and real prizes without any risk. We especially recommend the use of this type of offers to try their hand at a new game or allocate them to polish strategies. You can pick up bonus by clicking "Play" and enter the received code, if required. Some operators introduce bonuses directly on the site and entering code is not required.

Some promotions can be reserved only for the selected game - for example, on machines. Others may realize playing roulette, poker and other games in the casino. Sometimes the bonus topped with a requirement of time - casinos require you placed a bet on the entire amount of the bonus in a few hours or a few days. The requirements are very different, so you should make sure before you start playing with the rules. Most often you have a chance of winning payout on bets with bonus money after meeting certain requirements. Sometimes in order to protect casinos against violation of the principles of promotion, it is assumed limit for payment of prizes. Most promotions require multiple trips betting the full amount of the bonus. More information can be found on the bottom of the article.

Trading limit determines the minimum bet that must be put in order to withdraw your winnings. For example, the limit rotation 20 at bonus equal to 300 zl means that the plant should be placed at least 6000 zl. The same limit of 10 for 100 zl bonus means you must wager a total amount of 1000 zl.

Thus, despite a smaller bonus (instead of PLN 300 100 zl) win can be paid much faster due to lower trading limit. On the other hand, they had more funds can take on a higher risk and grab a big win. Some online casinos may calculate turnover limit based on the sum of the amount of the bonus and the deposit. Some games do not meet the requirements of pan limit, so make sure that you put the money in the right game.

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