Tips Of Online Blackjack

If you win the amount of winnings the player is 150 percent of the plant. So if we put, for example, a single plant 10 euros, after hitting a mesh of online casinos get 15 euros. In blackjack player's opponent is the dealer representing the casino. When a player has a hand of 21 points or less, the dealer must show what the value of his cards. If the dealer has 16 or fewer points this always has to take another card, but the player has no such obligation. Only when the dealer will have more than 17 points can keep your cards without selecting another - a decision the dealer depends here on what number of points amassed his opponent.

Throughout the entire game wins, who quickly able to collect 21 points or who most approaches to this value. So we can win the eye, even if the number of points in the cards will equal 20 or 19, but already 22 points means losing. When playing blackjack strategy employs a series of matching cards by which you can reduce the house edge to half a percent. One of the frequently encountered strategy is the "dealer strategy," or  indianite the player cards in sequence when the value of points is greater than 17.

How exactly did the card game blackjack is not known, but there are some games that are considered to be the ancestor of one of the most popular casino games. Most likely the origins of blackjack you need to look in seventeenth-century France, where the game evolved from other card games. Initially resembling blackjack game called Vent-et-Un, which can be translated as "twenty-one". In this game the player must collect a set of cards with a value of 21 cards handed out in one round, then the players were betting their bets. If the dealer hit 21, all players had to pay him a triple multiple of the output rate. Another game recognized as the basis for the creation of blackjack was the Italian game "Seven and a half".

They played in it just a few cards, and their values are counted as half. Who has exceeded a predetermined number of points he lost. At the end of the game he went to the United States, where he changed the rules of card counting. The most valuable system in hand was ace and jack of clubs or spades, which gave the eyelet. Hence the name of the game - black jack, or black jack. For this configuration home games pay out a substantial premium in a ratio of 10: 1, but after a while the amount of winnings reduced. The very name of the game, however, be retained. In today's blackjack 21 can be achieved with ace together with any figure, which is also called a natural blackjack.

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