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In a simplified manner, the back-cash bonus is a percentage compensation of the losses produced by the player over a certain period of time, subject to a limit of some amount. In most online casinos, the percentage would be around 10-15 percent. There is no strict rule about it. The validity for this bonus can be varied. The maximum value is the limit for the bonus and varies depending on the condition each online casino has. The idea is simple. Players who cashed, are happy, do not need this bonus. Players who lost money, need incentives, something which would help boost their luck. This type of bonus is the perfect solution.

Some online casinos provide back-bonus cash with a certain regularity. If the expiration date is one week then the losses of the players at the end of the week are compensated given a percentage of his losses or the maximum for the bonus, whichever is less. In the meantime, other online casinos provide cash back bonus regularly but they put the time limit losses. For example, they can apply the cash back bonus to losses on a specific day of the week. Yet other online casinos provide this bonus only as part of occasional promotions. There is another clever way in which online casinos use this type of bonus. They put the bonus limit for losses in specific games. Usually these are games like keno or online slots that have higher rates.

Most regular casinos provide great service to players. How can an online Casino like NetBet compete with them, The type key ileitis between a normal and a duality koru casino is certainly very different. An Online Casino , like NetBet mount perfectly to good customer service. This feature is one of the most important of an online casino, and it is therefore important reason whether to select or not. Specifically NetBet, one of the most secure.

Online Casino is available at any time at any time of day and any day of the week to serve you. Whether you are already a member and have a problem or think to register and have any questions you can contact customer service by phone, e-mail or fax. Never sign a dyadic kop casino unless you have first contacted and driveway the iota section key pietisms clients are always available for any problems or questions that may arise at any time. The prompt and professional service directly linked to the reliability and security of a casino. It's the same diamante with reputable payment methods provided.

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