Sports betting vs lotto - what is better?

If you are a betting person, then you have probably tried both options. As it is often the case, our preferences will depend on our personal experience. If you have won a prize in the lottery in the past, it is only natural that you are trying to repeat that experience. The same goes for sports betting, but there is a difference.

A win at sports betting, besides the financial aspect, has an important side effect: it will give you a boost in confidence, because you picked your bets based upon your knowledge of the sport that you did bet on. This kind of confidence can lead to a dangerous attitude, because you may now feel like you cannot lose - after all, you know all about picking winners, right? Well, that of course is not helpful, because even with detailed insight, things will not always go your way.

Luck vs. skill

Obviously, there is a huge difference between finding a good bet and picking the right lottery numbers. While lotto is all about luck (don't let anyone fool you when they say they have a winning system - there is no such thing!), sports betting involves a number of skills.

First, you need a basic strategy. Are you going for bets with smaller odds by betting on favorites, while betting larger sums of money? Or are you going for the longer odds by betting on "dark horses", or by combining multiple events to get higher total odds?

Then, you need to do your homework and get as much relevant information about the sports events you are planning to place bets on. Studying game stats, previous head-to-head results in case you are betting on an idividual sport, reading the sports pages of your newspaper and doing research on the internet are all part of that homework.

So, what type of betting is preferable?

Personally, I have always preferred the type of gambling where skill is required, or at least advantageous. Meaning I am more the guy who bets on sports, especially the kinds I have played myself. But if you do not like the kind of work required to pick good bets, or you are not a sports person, then buying lottery tickets is perfectly ok.

Is there anything you can do to improve your chances at the lottery?

Actually there is one thing, and it pretty easy. Assuming all other factors (price per ticket, winning odds) are identical, the best moment to invest money in lottery tickets is when the jackpots are high. After all, it is all about the risk vs. reward ratio!

The only problem that you are facing is that the jackpots of the lotteries available to you very often are low, and it takes time before they have reached a decent amount. Which is why it has become very popular to buy online tickets for foreign lotteries. There are services available through the internet for that mak it possible to participate in lotto jackpots across the World. You can choose from up to 30 lotto jackpots (picking the lottery with the largest jackpot is probably best), select your personal numbers and pay online. Your ticket will be bought in whatever country or state the lottery is held, and you will get a scan of your ticket.

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