Movies behind super-trends we adopted

Many movies throughout time have had a tremendous impact on popular culture, not to mention fashion. You may know that Ray-Ban sunglasses came hand in hand with Tom Cruise's career when he flew onto the big screen as Maverick in Top Gun in 1986. Still today the trend for Ray-Ban Aviators amongst young cocky males is commonplace.

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Were you young when Madonna was the charming but untamed temptress in Desperately Seeking Susan? On the back of her massive hit “Like a Virgin” it simply underlined girls' passion for lace, fake pearls, leather bracelets and neon colored half socks during this period.

The movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone gave the look all girls threw themselves over with knee-high socks and the miniskirt before Britney Spears had time to lip-sync "Baby one more time". And if you were around when Flashdance came out you will forever remember legwarmers and off the shoulder tops.

A trend that has been creeping back thanks to an overall '90s resurgence is the choker. The choker, of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety, has been seen on the necks of every it-girl lately. It is popularity stems from the movie Titanic! When Kate Winslet leaned back into DiCaprio's arms we all decided that choker was the way to go. Now, we are doing it all over again!

Movies have also inspired some of the most played slot machines such as NetEnt's South Park. People like the recognition and are fond of themes, which means online slots like the branded casino version of for example Aliens, Superman, Batman and Spiderman have their own cult following at online casinos with UK licences like Guts Casino, Betsson, CasinoEuro or Unibet and other fun casinos offering movie-themed slots. Trends infiltrate our digital world and social media more and more.

Who says you can’t rock a tie?

Many may remember what it did to many women's attitude toward masculine clothes when Woody Allen, and his muse Diane Keaton, released the movie, Annie Hall. With her unique masculine style, Diane Keaton was a role model for many women who embraced the style of fitted shirts, ties, and sexy vests. The fact that Madonna and Lady GaGa still play around with the androgynous style today speaks volumes of how this particular trend still hits the mark ever since women started wearing pants!

Movies inspire so many trends

There are many more such films that have inspired trends. When Bambi was released deer hunting went down by 50% when it was released by Walt Disney in the US. When 101 Dalmatians came out, sales of dalmatian puppies hit a record level.

Say "Sexy Time", and it's probably something you have picked up from the Borat films based on a chap from Kazakhstan by artist Sacha Noam Baron Cohen. Sex & The City was both a hit TV series and three feature films which led to Manolo Blahnik, the shoe-designer from the Canary Islands, literally choking on his stilettoes when the sales of his high-end shoes sky-rocketed.

The controversial TV-series “Orange is the New Black” saw unexpected demand for women garments in orange. Afterall, Orange has never really been a bestseller before.

What trends have you adopted? You know deep down that there is one or more fad inspired by the big screen lurking in your closet or forever captured on some photo out there. Movies will always inspire looks and trends and will continue to do so, every woman has tried at least once to copy the look of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with varying success. Whatever the next big craze, make sure you own it!
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