Four great reasons to give live online casino games a try

Is it possible to encapsulate the land-based casino atmosphere and player experience and then deliver this direct to a mobile or device, at any time, wherever they are?

In recent years the notable technological advances in communication methods, internet speed, processors and high definition screens have now made it possible to engage full immersion, only comparable to walking into your nearest land-based venue.

The question is how many players like you only venture as far as the slot games and go no further? Few big hitters might consider the VIP Casino according to Casinopedia. They may also feel they that this would mean having to interact with the live dealers and engage in the unwanted banter.

In reality, no live casino experience could be exactly how the player wants it to be, and there are a few key reasons why just going to the slot lobby see's you missing out on the exciting and engaging aspects of the online casino experience.

We have provided a great little run down to explain why you might like to play live casinos once in a while.

The atmosphere

Your preconception of having to converse with dealers can be put to bed with a polite hello. Some players to take the opportunity to speak to the dealer directly or see what other players are saying.

This activity shares the traditional rapport seen in the land-based environment, so it becomes more about the social aspect and less about just trying to win money, which brings the joy that you'd get from a land-based visit.

The dealers are happy to engage in almost any conversation you start, and there's normally a level of banter that suits everyone.

The visual experience has vastly improved, with camera angles focusing on the dealer and the card in a tantalising and suspense building.

The returns

It has to be said that the best things about table games are the returns offer. Table games like roulette and black jack offer some great house edges 0.5-2.6%, where as most slot games have a 5% with some exceptions. Therefore for every session, you join there is a greater chance of retaining your bankroll.

Games like baccarat and roulette offer the opportunity to play betting systems like Martingale, allowing straightforward evening money bets.

Evening if the system does not return a profit long term it will at least give a sense of strategy to games and a solid routine to use.

In blackjack, players need to know their online strategy, can provide some insight. Skilled players would expect an RTP or Return To Player rate of 99% depending on how the game is configured.

Value for Money

After login you are faced with the sole attention of the live dealer, this can also be one on one if the table is quite, subject to time of day. Reading casino reviews can really help you decide what table games are right for you and what casino

This aligned with the ability to interact with the dealer, the cameras, the technology which recognises the cards on the table and gives the player a digital interface, accompanied with the luxurious backdrops further enhances, allowing you to buy into something that costs a lot of money to set up and maintain.

Also consider the games pay fairly well compared to their slot comparatives, so with the improved experience and the chance of winning big.

Slot games also have a lot of money invested in them, but they cannot compare with the feeling of service of a live casino.

It mist be noted that while the live casino is a classy affair with women in nice dresses and men in tux's, it remains affordable with small minimum bets that site in the comfort of most players.

What about VIP's

Online casinos are notorious for providing extra comforts and bonuses to VIP players. So similarly to the casinos of Macau and Vegas, it is not the slots that bring in the punters, but the table games and player bonuses that draws the crowds.

VIPS want to feel the five-star treatment, so they are offered high limits, and special VIP rooms, which provide only the most exclusive action away from the front of house, as it were.

What this means is if you are a heavy hitting high roller that likes a splurge, then that's no problem for most live casinos, so why not give them ago?
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