Blackjack Rules: The basic know how

Try your luck around the gambling world by learning the blackjack rules & strategies in this ready reference article. Blackjack being the most appreciated and grossing game of cards is cherished among the punters of all ages, eminence and intellect. Once through with some basic facts and figures a punter can easily take away the booty by mere table staging.

The mesmerising magic of number 21 encapsulates the whole game. Target 21 or closer but a count greater than 21 is nose diving. Make your odds favouring by simple mathematics and foresightedness. The dealer drives the table by shuffling and dealing the cards along with handling the bets. As per the rules of blackjack, according to, a player automatically enjoys a romantic hate with the dealer. Usually blackjack is relished with a six deck game but a single deck can also be dealt.

As per blackjack rules, each number card from 2 to 10 holds its face value but an ace is a game changer. Depending on the hand played, an ace can pop up as eleven or simply as one. All the picture cards are played with value of 10 points. The bets are decided before the onset of the massive game of blackjack, better played with all the rules and ethics. The dealer goes clockwise distributing the cards to all the punters with face up. Another round of face up cards are issued but this time with the dealer card is face down.

An ace along with a picture card (value 10) or a number card of 10 comes up with a value of 21. Such a combination of cards with any player bestows the natural win over the dealer with a pay-out of 1.5 times the bet value. And, occurrence of such cards with the dealer leaves all the card sharks with a bare bet. A tie situation stands off the bet. Hitting a count of 21 on your cards is namesake to blackjack. A player who kick starts the game can either take a STAND or a HIT in order to get closer to 21. Dealer plays with each punter clock wise, finally disclosing his face down card. Dealer card value of 17, makes him to STAND and a value lower than that gives him a HIT to another card. Considering his ace card as eleven would bring him to 17 but also should not cross 21. Expertise will help players to decide whether to take another card to hit 21 or standing would help well.

The USP of this casino game of blackjack is that all the players round the table shares a reverse shade among themselves and a romantic hate towards the dealer. Though there are many variants of blackjack rules and rubrics, but these fundamental blackjack ethics if well followed would definitely leave any punter with loads of joy, thrill and a better understanding for the next move. Till then just flirt with the game and follow it for encashing maximum fun.

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